(5) Steps to Being a Successful Coupon Shopper

(5) Steps to Being a Successful Coupon Shopper

I have (5) principles that I follow, or try to, on a daily basis. I believe these simple steps can help make this work for everyone.

I have no doubt that this is the number one portion of this equation for me. God has promised us blessings if we obey His word and I have a great testimony on this.

I believe that creating a good stockpile is a great key to this process. Having items stocked for months of use will for sure save you a lot of money. I encourage this way of shopping and believe that we are being good stewards with out money by doing this.

With creating the above stockpile, you will have an abundance to share with people in need. It is a good rule of thumb to buy ten of an item, when it is real cheap or free. When you get home, take one and put in a donation box to give away later.

" This woman enjoys working so much that she plans ahead for what she needs in order to accomplish her responsibilities. She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar. The trait not to settle for the mediocre is portrayed by a woman who goes the extra mile for quality items."
I am inspired everytime I read these scriptures. I hope to be like this woman one day when I grow up. Coupon shopping and stockpiling is not easy. But, I believe that it is a job for
today's "Proverbs 31" woman.

We must not forget to thank God for the blessings we receive. He gives us favor with our steps and all good things come from Him.