I guess my earliest memories of stockpiling are from when I was a child. My Mother was a single Mom of four children. Our father had passed away when I was just three. Ty was around seven or eight, Victoria was just eighteen months and our Mother was pregnant with my sister, Tracey. We were, what some would call poor. I did not see that as a child. I mean, I knew we were not able to do all the things my friends maybe were able to do. We sometimes had to carry our lunches to school. From time to time we even received free lunch benefits. But we did not really know of lack. We were loved and well cared for and a close group of kiddo's. All we had was God, our Mom and each other. Our Mother had to save everything and every penny. She always shopped very frugal, looking for the good deals and ways to save on her grocery bill. She was the first one to introduce me to using coupons back in the early 80's. We loved going to grocery stores like Winn DIxie and digging through the bargain buggy, full of dented cans without labels. I just would pray that when we opened that can of tuna that it was not going to be cat Most were never more than .10 cents or so. It was like a mystery game. We would take guesses of what was going to be in the cans. I got pretty good at reading any stampings on the bottom of the cans, like Dole, DelMonte, etc. Sometimes we would buy the whole cart full.

I think I would shop out of one today if the stores still had them. (Proverbs 16:18 "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall".) I have so many stories to tell of what growing up in the childhood I lived taught me. So many lessons on saving money, spreading a dollar and making extra cash. One good memory, in particular that always gives me a chuckle is...I was about 10, I believe. We were all with our Mother, shopping at JC Penney's after Christmas sales. Our Mom always taught me to look for any good deals that she might miss. Keeping up with all of us was a job in itself. Looking around the store, I walked by this huge box of wrapping paper, probably over 100 rolls. They were marked with big red clearance stickers something like .10 cents. I took one and ran over to her and said, "Hey Mom, look at this"...She got so excited, as we all do when we see a great deal, and said.."Hurry, Rhonda, get them all"...I looked over and pointed at the HUGE box and said, "Mom, you mean get all of those?"....She gasped at seeing how many there were and just said, "well, we will get just some" and laughed. We both just chuckled for a few minutes. I guess it may be a "had to be there moment", but she and I still laugh about it to this day.

We did not buy all of the rolls of wrapping paper that day, but we did stock up. She taught me so many great lessons, but, this one I am very greatful for. Being a widow and us being fatherless, she intended to teach us to not accept lack in our lives. I believe stockpiling is like that. I cannot see myself ever shopping any other way. If the stores and manufacture's ever stop producing coupons I will have a go through therapy. LOL...Not really, but it would be a total blow to the budget that I have set for my grocery shopping. I want to share my stories, ideas and experiences with you. Doing this, in hopes of helping you learn how to Master saving the money that God has blessed you with. It is all a blessing, whether it be big or small. In today's world we all need to learn a few good things on being a better steward. I just pray that you will be able to read something here that will help you. As always, feel free to contact me if you ever need any help, ideas or encouragement. I love sharing what God has done for us and hope that you will allow Him to do the same for you. Will add more later....Now, I am trying to find a place to put my 50+ bottles of Purex. ~~Go, shop, stock up and save the money the good Lord has given you...:)

Blessed with His grace and mercy,