Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Publix Trip~Sunday 03/07

Well, this has been an awesome week. I got to help so many friends. What a true blessing for me. I finally got to get out and do myself a little shopping. Total was 121.35 and after coupons I paid only $9.53 oop for the following. (several things are not pictured, that I took to my Mother)

(20) pks of Yakisoba Noodles (most not pictured)
(1) box of Puffs Tissues
(1) loaf of Sara Lee Bread
(1) pk of Publix Hamburger Buns
(2) bags of Ruffles Chips
(2) bags Birds Eyes Steamfresh Rice
(7) pks of Roman type noodles (not pictured)
(1) pk of Bounty Napkins
(2) boxes of Ritz Crackers
(1) btl Publix chocolate milk
(1) pkg of Publix Ground Beef, over 3 lbs
((1) bunch of Bananas, 3.25 lbs
(1) btl A-1 Steak Sauce
(8) btls of Spary & Wash, used rain check (not pictured)
(5) btls of Pert Mens Shampoo
(6) Sure Deodorants
(2) pks of Nyquils
(8) pks of Zantac

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