Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wed Night Shopping Trip $1.83

This is from my trips tonight, after church. I made a stop @ Publix and one at Kroger. My total before coupons and sales was $206.75 and my total out of pocket(oop)expense was only...$1.83..yes, one dollar and eighty three cents...God is so good! 99.115% off !!

(27) pkgs of Energizer Batteries (reg $3.49 each!)
(27) Yakisoba Noodles
(9) pkgs Maruchan Roman Noodles
(4) boxes of Ester-C 500 tablets
(2) pkts of Zantac
(2) king sz Reeses Cups (not shown)
(2) btls of Diet Dr Pepper (not shown)
(1) pkg Bounty Napkins
(5) btls Dawn Dish Liquid
(4) Bandaid 10pks
(2) CoverGirl mascaras
(2) CoverGirl Eyeliners
(1) pkg Publix brand oreo type cookies (penny item, they were out of tortilla chips)


Tanya said...

Girl, definitely INSPIRING! Jenny and I BOW to your greatness! :) Thanks so much for helping us!

Freebiejunkie said...

LOL...Tanya, ya'll are so are so cute!...God is so good to us~:)