Thursday, April 29, 2010

Organic Healthy Food Printable Coupons

I just came across this great site. I am not affiliated with this company at all. I just wanted to share some great printables. They appear to be unlimited prints. PRINT FROM HERE-EARTHFARE

Coupons on earthfare that don't say "only at earthfare" on them: (may want to check manufacturer's websites to see if the product is carried in your area)

1.00/1 Seventh Generation Product - however, I noticed that it doesn't say MFQ or have an expiration date that I'm seeing.
3.00/1 All One 7.95 oz or larger (vitamin/mineral powder) - exp 7/14
$1.00/1 Applegate Farms Organic Chicken or Turkey Hot dogs (limit 1 per customer) exp 7/31 (shows both ingles and kroger in my area carry these!)
$1.00/1 Aubrey Organics (looks like HBA items) exp 7/14
$2.00/1 Bellybar prenatal chewable vitamins - this does say MFQ at top, but I can't seem to locate the expiration date
$1.00/1 Almond Breeze - 12 oz jar of peanut butter, 32 fl oz or larger of almond breeze, or 4.25 oz box of nut thins crackers - exp 7/14
$1.00/1 Cascadian farms frozen yogurt - exp 7/14
.75/1 Galaxy Nutritional Foods Rice, Veggy, Vegan -exp 7/14
$5.00/1 Wobenzym N - exp 7/14
.50/1 Garrett County Farms product - another one that does say MFQ, but no expiration date
$1.00/1 Irwin Naturals Product, exp 7/14
$3.00/1 Jarrow Formulas Bone Up product, exp 7/14
$1.00/1 BeKind bars, exp 7/31
.75/1 Mary's Gone Crakers, exp 7/14
.75/1 Natural Brew 4 pk (root beer, etc..) exp 10/31
1.00/2 Nature's Path Waffles (coupon terms state that a minimum $2.00 purchase required - kind of an odd set of terms...) exp 7/14
$1.00/2 Nature's Path cereal (same terms)_ exp 7/14
.50/1 any organic valley butter, exp 7/31
.50/1 any organic valley cheese, exp 7/31
.50/1 any organic valley eggs, exp 7/31
.50/1 any organic valley yogurt, exp 7/31
$2.00/1 Reserveage product - no MFQ or exp. date designation
$1.00/2 Rising Moon frozen pasta - exp 7/14
$1.00/1 RW Knudsen 32 oz Just Juice - exp 10/31 (happy about this one - hubby drinks the cherry juice when he's got a gout attack!)
.50/1 Tea's Tea, exp 7/15
$1.00/2 Gardein Garden Protein product - exp 8/31
$1.00/2 Mr. Krispers Baked Rice Snacks - exp 8/31
$1.00/2 Pirate brand snacks, 4 oz or larger - exp 8/31
.75/1 Bigelow Tea, exp 7/31 (I think wags sells their green tea - right??)
$1.00/1 Frontier spices or peppercorn grinder, exp 10/31
$1.00/1 Earth Friendly Product, exp 12/31
$1.00/3 Liberte yogurt - exp 12/31
.50/1 Simply Asia product, exp 12/31
$1.00/2 Tribe, exp 1/31/11
.25/1 Anteadote, exp 12/31/11

The rest are either store specific (i.e. have a different barcode like Target coupons have), or say "redeemable only at earth fare" on them. Hopefully, you will have stores that take coupons from other stores, but if not, there are still a few usable ones there.

(thanks to ank220)

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