Friday, April 16, 2010

Overwhelming $520.03 for $9.85 with Shopping Pictures

I cannot believe how much God has blessed me. I mean, I do believe in and trust in His word. But, He is totally amazing me more everyday. I want everyone that reads this to know that He wants to do this for you, too. I know it can be overwhelming at times, getting started and organized. But, I just know that if you ask Him, He will help you do this, also. I went out yesterday and did some shopping. Below is a list of everything I bought. I completely utilize all coupons that the stores and manufactures offer, follow all store policies and make the most of it all. A lot of the items will be donated to someone who cooks meals for people in need. Some will go to other charitable causes I support. I purchased all the following in one day, in three different stores. A few things are not pictured, they have already been given away.

(20) Scrubbing Bubbles (some will be donated)
(24) Shout Stain Remover (some will be donated)
(9) Dawn Dish Liquid (some will be donated)
(4) Swiffer Duster 360 (some will be donated)
(6) Prevacid 14 ct(all will be given away)
(12) Aleve 6 ct (some will be donated)
(6) Zantac 1 ct (some will be donated)
(6) Ester-C Vitamins (some will be donated)
(13) Scotch Brite Sponges
(1) Sara Lee Loaf of Bread
(2) Italian Organic Olives
(1) Plumrose Sliced Ham
(1) Kraft American Singles
(7) Bayer Aspirins (some will be donated)
(1) Publix Gallon of Milk
(1) Box of One A Day Energy Lemon Packets
(3) Publix Re-usuable Bags
(2) Huggies Baby Wipes
(2) Snyders Pretzels
(6) Benadryl Creams (some will be donated)
(1) 5 Subject Notebook
(1) Women's Fitness Magazine
(10) Smart Balance Sour Cream (all will be donated)
(4) Pillsbury Can Bicuits (all will be donated)
(12) Betty Crocker Double Box Scalloped Potatoes (some will be donated)
(12) Betty Crocker Potato Pouches (some will be donated)

Grand Total BEFORE sales & coupons.... $520.03
Total I spent, out of pocket for everything... $9.85 (Yes, Nine Dollars and 85¢)
Plus, I also received a FREE movie ticket code for buying the sour cream and a $3.00 CAT(Catalina) for the BC Potatoes & a $2.00 CAT for buying the Pillsbury Biscuits

God gives me such great favor all the time, but this shopping day was one of my top 10...Praise God!

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