Monday, April 26, 2010

The Perfect Place.....

I have been thinking a lot lately about "the perfect place". I quess that the perfect place may be different for everyone. Just what and where is it? It may be a ceratin time frame in your life. You may have already visited it or you may have not. It may be a dream vacation spot. Somewhere you have built up in your mind to be a spectacular spot to visit. It may be a thought of something like "when we get time to do this or that", "when we get out of debt", "when, when, when...". We all have different thoughts on what "the perfect place" for each of us is. Will we ever find that such place? Will it be here or after our time has passed? Are we there right now?

I think that my perfect place (for now) is just living and being in God's complete, perfect will for my life. You see, it is kinda like a well ran machine. With all the parts in the right place, working well together and oiled properly, it is the perfect place. I am not saying that there is not the need to overhaul the machine from time to time. Maybe, just doing a little fine tuning will work. But, being able to discern that it needs an overhaul is part of this great process. I know what the ultimate "perfect place" is for me. But, that time will come and it will be up to God and His will for my life. So, for now I will continue loving Him, living for Him, standing for Him and seeking His face. I pray that this place that I am in right now, will continue to be His "perfect place" for my life.

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