Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SC Johnson $5 Rebate Printable Form

SC Johnson has a great rebate program right now. It is "Buy 3 of their products and get $5 back". It is limited to 3 offers per household. I have already done mine and they have a fast turnaround. I bought Glade jar candles. You can get a great deal with all the Scrubbing Bubbles products promotions going on right now. Also, at Target they have the travel packs(in trial section) of Shout Wipes. They are 97¢ and are counting towards the rebate, because the form does not specify a size. So, you could just buy 3 of those for $2.97 and get back $5...Remember you can do this rebate 3 times, but you will need to mail each offer in a seperate envelope. Go
HERE to print the form

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