Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Coupon Savings $227.99 for just $22.54

Last night was my girl's night out, with my coupon buddies. We did so well! Our orders were are very similar. Here is a list of just what I purchased. I will post a picture soon when my camera charges.

(3) Ziploc Twist Containers, 4pk
(1) Ziploc Rectangle Containers, 2 pk
(4) Boxes of Keebler Crackers
(2) Dean's Dips
(1) Emerald Trail Mix
(2) 20 oz Diet Cokes
(4) Diet Pepsi 2 liters
(12) Asst varities of Hamburger Helper Meals
(2) McCormick Garlic Powders
(4) Family sz Tostitos Corn Chips
(6) Bags of Halls Cough Drops
(2) pkgs of Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs
(2) Bags of Lays Kettle Chips
(10) Dentyne Gum Bottles(raincheck/pre-order item)
(12) Lunchables Lunch Combinations
(6) Zantac pkgs
(4) Nyquil pkgs
(4) Bandaids, 10 ct
(2) Visine Advanced Relief
(3) Gallons of Milk
(6) Boxes of Oreo Cakesters
(6) Bags of Mini Oreo Cookies
(2) Tabasco Sauce
(1) Ritz Bitz Crackers Canister

Total retail value of $227.99, for a grand total, out of pocket(oop) of $22.54 ~over 90% savings! Please view my home page for more about this site. Thanks~:)

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Anonymous said...

You amaze me every week. I just don't see how you do this. I can't find the coupons to be able to do this. I get a couple of papers each week and I have started a coupon swap at work to be able to get some that way. I used to coupon a long time ago and I have started back for a few months now. But I am not doing anywhere near what you are doing. I just don't see how you can do this week after week. Any advise????? Love your website!!!
Deborah Horne