Thursday, June 3, 2010

13 Cheap Ideas for Keeping Cool in the Heat

With the weather getting hotter in most parts of the country, we all will for sure be running for cover. Keeping cool may not always be cheap. The cost of running our air conditioners are rising every year. I remember being a kid and not even having an air conditioner in the house or car. I think we have become somewhat spoiled over the last few decades. I have tried to come up with a list of some ideas in keeping cool "for less".

#1) If you have a fireplace, check the damper and make sure it it closed.
#2) Change your air filter often. I like to vaccum mine off a couple of times a month, makes it last longer. A cleaner filter helps with the air flow.
#3) Keep unused doors shut and closet doors too. If you have a bonus room or attic door, put a towel under the sweep. It helps to keep the hot air from coming through.
#4) Cook outdoors on a grill more often. I have several friends that will grill their meat over the weekend to last during the week. It will save you time and money.
#5) Hang clothing, especially towels and blankets outside to dry. I let mine almost completely dry, then pop in the dryer for about 5 minutes with a fabric softner sheet to soften.
#6) Try to spend more time outdoors. You can set your thermostat higher when you are gone. When you return it will still be cooler than outside.
#7) Eat raw, light foods. Salads for lunch just make you "feel" cooler. Better for you, too!
#8) Use the microwave when possible. Just boiling water can heat up your kitchen.
#9) Wear light weight clothing, even indoors. At night turn your air up and toss the blankets.
#10) Use portable fans to help circulate the air flow in your home.
#11) Take cooler showers and drink plenty of water. It keeps your body temp down.
#12) Keep your drapes or shades drawn, especially in the sunny windows of your home.
#13) Visit your local library and check out their magazine selection. Even most bookstores have lounging areas. What a cheap and great way to stay cool during these hot summer months.

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