Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FREE Super Polident Coupon Reminder

In the 08-01-10 Red Plum insert there was a coupon for a free 0.75 oz tube of Super Polident. If you do not need this item, please think of getting it for someone who may need it. Sometimes I have overlooked these type of coupons and then realized I knew someone who could have used it. I have only found this particular size at Walgreens. Cvs and Publix does not have this size. I have not checked anywhere else yet. The coupon is short dated, it expires 8-15-10. You can always donate these to nursing homes or assisted living centers. This product is not always covered by there insurance, etc. The person I am getting these for has to buy them herself. The retail cost is around $2.00, so you would pay tax of about 19¢ out of your pocket for each one. Great deal!!


Steve Finnell said...

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Freebiejunkie said...

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