Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My New Facebook Page Contest

To enter this contest, please visit my Facebook page for more info. The link is on the lefthand side of this page, just scroll down a little.....

Okay, it has been a while since I have had a contest. This one has a lot of potential for the winner. This is all you need to do to enter. Post on your Facebook wall that you are joining a chance at winning this contest and a link back here. Invite your "interested" friends to this page and tell them they can do the same. Once your friends visit this Facebook page, have them click "like". They have to be a new reader. When they do, they need to make a post on my wall to tell me that you sent them. They can then enter by doing the same. For each person that you refer that "likes" this page you will get a $1 credit. When contest is over the person with the most credits will get that dollar amount of items shipped to you. I will send the winner a box of items, retail total of amount of credits they have. There will be only one winner and that winner must be a fan of this page. The more friends you refer, the bigger chance you have of winning. At this time there is not a limit on amount of referred "liked" friends. (I reserve the right to cap if need be) So, if you are the winner and have referred 50-100 friends I will send you a box of brand new items totally $50-$100 in retail value. The items in box will be picked by me and will be an assortment of household/stockpile items. It's that simple....So let's start filling this box!

Contest will end October 1st, 2010 at midnight.

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